Syllabus and Dates

7.03.2023 Introduction to the debateFenici, M. (2017). Rebuilding the Landscape of Psychological Understanding After the Mindreading War. Phenomenology and Mind, 12, Article 12.
14.03.2023Theory of MindO’Madagain, C., & Tomasello, M. (2019). Joint attention to mental content and the social origin of reasoning. Synthese, 198(5), 4057–4078.

Premack, D., & Woodruff, G. (1978). Does the chimpanzee have a theory of mind? Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 1(4), 515–526.
21.03.2023Theory of MindMirski, R., & Gut, A. (2020). Action-based versus cognitivist perspectives on socio-cognitive development: Culture, language and social experience within the two paradigms. Synthese, 197(12), 5511–5537.
28.03.2023Folk PsychologyDewhurst, J. (2021). Folk Psychological and Neurocognitive Ontologies (pp. 311–334).
18.04.2023Simulation TheoryGallese, V., & Goldman, A. (1998). Mirror neurons and the simulation theory of mind-reading. Trends in Cognitive Sciences2(12), 493–501.
25.04.2023Simulation TheoryGallagher, S. (2007). Simulation trouble. Social Neuroscience2(3–4), 353–365.
2.05.2023Direct PerceptionGallagher, S. (2008). Direct Perception in the Intersubjective Context. Consciousness and Cognition, 17, 535–543.
9.05.2023Enactivism, Narrative PracticesHutto, D. D. (2008). The Narrative Practice Hypothesis: Clarifications and implications. Philosophical Explorations, 11(3), 175–192.
16.05.2023Mind-shapingZawidzki, T. W. (2008). The function of folk psychology: Mind reading or mind shaping? Philosophical Explorations, 11(3), 193–210.
23.05.2023Enactivism, Participatory Sense-MakingJaegher, H., & Di Paolo, E. (2007). Participatory Sense-Making: An enactive approach to social cognition. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 6, 485–507.
30.05.2023Predictive Codingde Bruin, L., & Strijbos, D. (2015). Direct social perception, mindreading and Bayesian predictive coding. Consciousness and Cognition, 36, 565–570.
6.06.2023Perceptual PresencePalmer, C. J., Seth, A. K., & Hohwy, J. (2015). The felt presence of other minds: Predictive processing, counterfactual predictions, and mentalising in autism. Consciousness and Cognition36, 376-389.

Smortchkova, J. (2020). Does empirical evidence support perceptual mindreading? Thought: A Journal of Philosophy9(4), 298-306.
Smortchkova, J. (2022). Face perception and mind misreading. Topoi41(4), 685-694.
Varga, S. (2018). Toward a Perceptual Account of Mindreading. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research100(2), 380–401.
13.06.2023Empathy-Based TheoriesRatcliffe, M. (2017). Empathy Without Simulation. In Imagination and Social Perspectives. Routledge.
20.06.2023Mental RepresentationsTalk: “Mental Representations in Cognitive Science” by prof. Michael Rescorla

Rescorla, M. (2019, May 28). The language of thought hypothesis. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
27.06.2023AffordancesKiverstein, J. (2015). Empathy and the responsiveness to social affordances. Consciousness and Cognition, 36, 532–542.
4.07.2023Embodied experimental sessionA bonus session led by Andreas Reichelt
Gergely, G., Bekkering, H., & Király, I. (2002). Rational imitation in preverbal infants. Nature415(6873), 755–755.

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